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  1. Maybe I'm mediocre after all!

    My wife and I still joke, after 30 years, about a TV announcer repeatedly bad-mouthing our football team -- until, when they were up by over three touchdowns, he said, "Maybe they have a good team after all." I make this post -- about a hike two weeks ago (yes, I'm falling behind) -- in that spirit. Last year's hikes, which I described as "too muddy, too muggy, too buggy", made me feel I was too slow to complete all 2185 miles of The Trail. This trek revived my confidence. ...
  2. Hit a dry spell - Part 1

    As those parts of The Trail, that I have not walked, become farther away from both my home and usable mass transit, it has become increasingly difficult to get to a trail head from which I can then get to another trail head no more than fifty miles away. That distance is my "magic" number, in that it's about the maximum I can expect to hike in five days. That time period is the maximum I can plan to be away from responsibilities of mine that I prefer not to neglect. However, last week ...

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  3. shelter etiquette

    Quote Originally Posted by Kraken Skullz View Post
    Well said Dogtra.

    I have a saying that I like to bring up when forums get hot under the collar. It's actually a simple poem that goes like this:

    You have your opinion and I have mine.
    We can disagree and that's just fine.
    Let's keep it courteous and not cross the line, because when words try to hurt us, we all lose our mind.
  4. Trash

    I have been taking 'walks' on the LT/AT for the last couple of years. I have met a lot of hikers and really enjoy talking with those that have time to visit for a few minutes. My wife and I have helped out a few hikers with rides and the use of our home. It is a great adventure that folks have undertaken. We wish all a safe journey. Yesterday during my walk, I noticed some 'trash' left 'behind'. I was really surprised to see it, because, as I mentioned, I have been walking this trail for a couple ...
  5. Northville-Placid Trail, SOBO, starting around October 7

    Just so I don't forget this advice. Not being a fisherman, I suspect that I'm not going to spend weight on fishing gear for a long trip, but I do hike fishy places from time to time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dogwood View Post
    Come out and hike a section with me. If you catch 'em, I'll clean 'em and cook 'em.

    Does that apply to the dirty dishes in the sink I currently have too? That's a great offer but other hikes are already on the hiking itinerary and I'm scrambling to fit those in between work commitments