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  1. Monson to Rangeley June 12-23, 2018

    by , 06-28-2018 at 14:29 (Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din)
    Monson to Rangeley

    95N to ME 202 to ME 4 to ME 133 to ME 2 to ME 4

    SOBOUND 106 miles

    June 12
    Drive 14 hours to Hostel at Rangeley spend night and take a shuttle for 2+ hours to Route 15 Monson arrive at trail 9am.
    June 13
    1)ME Route 15 to
    Horseshoe Canyon LT
    9miles 200 descent
    Ford Piscataquis River
    June 14
    2)Horseshoe Canyon LT to
    Bald Mtn LT 9 miles flat until ascending Moxie Bald ...
  2. Pine Grove Furnace State Park to James Fry Shelter

    Not seen very many posts on the journal lately - l continue to add miles to my journey, this time another 7.5 in southern PA. A little snow made for some moist feet. Day 2 was a bit frozen, glad I had my spikes.
  3. Birch Run Shelter to Quarry Gap Shelter

    Day 2 of my winter hike of the AT in Michaux State Forest.
  4. Pine Grove Furnace State Park to Toms Run and Birch Run Shelter

    This was a great hike ~20 miles one way from Pine Grove Furnace State Park to Caledonia State Park. We stopped half way at Birch Run Shelter. Parking is plentiful at Pine Grove Furnace. To park overnight, you need to fill out a pass which is available in the plastic box next to the front door of the office. The pass goes in the mail slot after you fill it out. Parking is just down the hill and there is a restroom right there where the Appalachian ...
  5. Caledonia State Park to Rocky Mountain and Tumbling Run Shelters

    Continuing my sections and starting to migrate North again now that I've almost finished SNP. This was a great hike ~22 miles in and out from Caledonia State Park to Tumbling Run Shelters. There is not really any good water source between these two points on the AT. The guide says there is water 0.5 miles downhill at Rocky Mountain shelters but it was too far for me to investigate given the time I had. The tent sites are a hundred yards or so downhill ...
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