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  1. Hike Shuttle Services: Neels Gap, Blairsville, and nearby trailheads

    Call for shuttle services: 706-781-3360, or 352-817-2030
  2. Blood Mountain

    Hiked from Vogel to summit of Blood Mtn yesterday. A lot of ice on top 1/3 of mountain, especially at peak. Have now gotten in LeConte (to Icewater Springs), the Unicoi trifecta (Rocky, Tray, and then Rocky again to get back to the car), Blood a number of times, Springer a couple of times. Heading off to Cohutta this Saturday AM for a weekend hike. Excited to start counting down.
  3. 2016 Thru-Hike Registry

    Quote Originally Posted by Wool View Post
    Trail Name: NothingYet
    Direction: NOBO

    Estimated Start Date : March 10th
    Approach Trail - yes

    Ready to go! Good luck everyone and I'll see you out there. Taking my time, deadline of October to finish!

    Officially posting start date!

    Anyone else starting March 10th? I'll be taking the Amtrak down to Atlanta as well. Hope to see you all out there!
  4. SOBO Gear List Help...

    Quote Originally Posted by morri50n View Post
    I don't know if I'm planning too early or not, but I'm trying to figure out my gear list to start a SOBO thru-hike around June 1, 2014 (solo female). So far this is what I have... (weight is in oz)

    Shelter: Tarptent Rainbow (34 oz)
    Pack: LL Bean Women's AT 55 (50 oz)
    Bag: Western Mountaineering Ultralite (38 oz)
    Pad: ThermaRest RidgeRest-Small (9oz)

    Fancy Feast Stove .2
  5. Travis McGee, John Muir, and me, still in Cedar Key 10

    Lately, my pal Lefty is doing much better. We spent the MLK three day weekend together in the woods near Chattahoochee, Florida. His back is doing tons better and he was even able to put in a few miles on the trail. To say we had a large time would be an understatement. Even though I was diligent and put in quite a few miles walking on the trails at Torreya SP, I did succumb to the pressure to cut loose and broke training one night. The lure of good bourbon and fine cigars around a warm, vibrant ...

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