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My gear listing

This is my current gear listing for all the gear I will be uing on my 2010 Thu hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Osprey, Atmos 65
Review: Through the years I have had four packs and this was the one I that is the most comfortable.
Weight: 57 oz Price:


Review: For around camp and river crossings.
Weight: 9.8 oz Price: $20

(no picture yet)
Shirt (spare)
Weight: oz Price: $

Shorts (spare)
Review: Spare shorts for swimming or where I can not where my kilt.
Weight: 5.5 oz Price: $32

Smart Wool, Socks (two spare pairs)
Review: Two more pairs of socks besides the one I am wearing to rotate out.
Weight: 4.3 oz Price:

Ceder Tree, The Packa
Review: Can be used separately as a pack cover or as a rain suit or you can wear it as a rain suit with your backpack under it. Serves as two pieces of gear and saves the weight of carry pack cover.
Weight: 11 oz Price: $110

Marmot, Precip rain pants
Weight: 7.5 oz Price:

Micro Fleece coat
Weight: 10.3 oz Price: $25

Platypus, Hydration bladder 3 liter, 70 oz
Review: I like bladders better then bottles. When I use bottles I have a tendency to gulp a lot of water and drink it all up. With the bladder I can just drink off the hose while I am walking and don't' have to reach around to get a bottle. It also help me meter my water intake better because I am not always drinking a whole bottle when I need a drink.
Weight: 30 grams Price: $9.00

Princeton, Princeton Tec Scout LED Headlamp
Weight: 1.6 oz Price:

Platypus 4 liter, 140 oz, Water bag
Water bag for cleaning Review: I fill this at night before I am ready to cook my dinner. This way it is full for cleaning my cooking pot and what it left over I can use in the morning to top off my water bladder. This way I don't have to walk back down to the water source to fill my bladder again.
Weight: 70 grams Price: $15.00

Amigi Pro (water filtration system)
- No pumping required!
- Durable, 1.5 gallon water bag
- Pinch valve for flow control

Outdoor Research, Bug head net
Review: I like this one because the ring keeps the net away from my face.
Weight: 2.2 oz Price: $12.00

3M, Bug Dope
Weight: 2 oz Price:

Appalachian Pages 2009 - guidebook
Weight: 6.9 oz Price: $15.95

Camera - Cannon SD880IS
Review: Bought this in after reading the Ken Rockwell review and love it.
Weight: 7.7 oz Price:

Camera Tripod
Review: This can stand alone or attach to a tree, hiking poll, or anything the strap will wrap around.
Weight: 1.7 oz Price:

The Stick Pic
Review: This attaches to the end out you hiking stick and allows you to take a picture of yourself showing the background. You can also attach it to you hiking poll and put you camera in video mod and take movie clips of yousrelf walking.
Weight: 0.4 oz Price: $11

Leatherman Micra
Review: Has every tool I will need on the trail and some that I will not need.
Weight: 1.8 oz Price:

Cooking Gear

Review: I use any type of lighter. It may not be the one that is actually in the picture.
Weight: 0.4 oz Price:

MBDC --Made for me by Mini Bull Designs

Caldera Cone I will be using the cone from this setup but with a Mini Bull Designs alcohol stove.

Fuel bottles (two)
These are a lot easier to see through and also easier to fill your stove with. The 4.oz size will fit almost anywhere in your pack so I carry two.
Weight: 0.6 oz each Price:

Snow Peaks, Snow Peaks Trek 700
I have been very happy with this pot so far. I previously had a larger titanium pot but it was to big and took longer to boil water. I am very impressed with this one so far.
Weight: 4.4 oz Price: $39.00

Sea To Summit, Spork
Review: Can be used as a sppon or a fork.
Weight: 0.5 oz Price: $11.95

Yale Pulse Orange 1/16 cord 50 feet of this for hanging the bear bag, or any extra cord that may be needed.

AMOD GPS-based data logger designed to provide location information for digital photos (in EXIF 2.0 or later format) from all digital cameras and camera phones

Sleeping gear

Golite 20 degree quilt
Review: I will be using it as my summer sleeping bag.
Weight: 1.5 oz. Price: $155 on sale normally $225

Warbonnet Outdoors, Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock Double layer 1.1
Review: I have a Hennessey Hammock and a few others but this one outshines them all. It has plenty of room, a shelf on the side, a double layer bottom so you can slide a pad in between the layers and is lightweight.
Weight: 34.5 oz Price: $170

Outdoor Equipment Supplier MacCat Deluxe Ultra Spinn
Review: The lightest weight tarp I have found and has plenty of room to cook under or just sit under if I want to.
Weight: 10.5 oz Price:

Two lb-density Crosslinked Polyethylene CCF Pad
Review: Used during the cold weather under my sleeping bag.
Weight: 12 oz Price: $30

Gear I am wearing

Mountain Hardwear, Mountain Kilt
Review: Now worries about short chaffing with this.
Weight: 9.2 oz Price: $45.00

(no picture yet)
Weight: oz Price: $

(no picture yet)
Review: This is a bandanna that has multiple uses.
Weight: oz Price: $19.50

(no picture yet)
Review: I have not decided on a hat yet.
Weight: oz Price: $

Vasque, Vasque Breeze
Review: I have tried three other types of book and so far this is the one that fits me best.
Weight: 2 lb 8 oz Price: $120

Smart Wool, Sock
Weight: 4.3 oz Price:

Outdoor Research. Rocky mountin low gaitors
Review: Decide to go with low gaitors because I was worried about the breath ability of the tall one.
Weight: 4.8 oz Price: $20.00

Leki, Leki Ultralite
Weight: 18 oz Price: $149

Winter starting gear

Osprey, Aether 70

Campmor, Goose Down 0 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag
Review: I will switch out to a different temp sleeping bag as the temps warm up after the start of my hike.
Weight: 49.6 oz. Price: $149

Warbonnet Outdoor, Yeti winter under quilt

Mont-Bell, Ex Light Down Jacket
Review: This is for the start of my hike only, in colder temps.
Weight: 5.7 oz Price: $160.00

Outdoor Research, Balaclava - Ninjaclava
Weight: 2.0 oz Price: $24

Seirus Hyperlite All-Weather Glove
Weight: 1.6 oz Price: $30

Under Armor, Long under wear
Weight: 5.7 oz Price:

Under Armor, Long under shirt
Weight: 12.2 oz Price: