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  1. Pasta Sides

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluegrass View Post
    I do quite a bit of "freezer bag cooking" and have used various brands. The key is to get freezer bags and not storage bags. Quart-sized bags work well. Ziploc sells some now that have flat bottoms.

    Trailcooking has some information about the safety aspect.

    My favorite is "Thanksgiving dinner" - some instant mashed potatoes, instant gravy, instant stuffing, and some canned meat. For weekend trips I will prep the ziploc bags ahead of time (adding all
  2. Park and ride

    Hello; I posted a while back about hikers parking their cars at our house and giving them a ride to their destination, then picking them up. I would charge per day for the car and so much a mile for the ride. No one responded, but I still think it is a good idea. We live in central VT, so I would be willing to travel through out VT. Any thoughts ? Maybe around $3 per day for you car. 50 cents a mile for the ride to and from your starting point and then the same for picking you up if you needed me ...
  3. Mom and Me on the AT: Hiking in Peru

    I am posting the link to my AT blog. I recently finished the Inca Trail as part of a "training hike" gearing up for my time on the AT!
  4. Returning to New England, and a first time in New Hampshire

    This summer I have reconciled myself to two facts:
    1) the Phillies won't win the World Series in 2014.
    2) I'm not yet ready to hike the White Mountains.
    I arrived at both conclusions based on the lack of ability of specific people to do tasks required for these goals.

    I'll spare everyone -- myself included -- the details on how I came to conclusion (1).

    I reached conclusion (2) based on my lack of ability to handle significant elevations changes ...
  5. Mom and Me on the AT: "hike your own hike"

    So the blog post I was going to share here is entirely too long to post. I am just going to provide links to my blog. Enjoy!