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  1. Trail Talk

    I have been meeting a few hikers, as I take my short walks on the AT/LT. Some hikers stop and visit for a couple of minutes, others seem to be all business and just say "Hi". I ask, are you thru- hiking and most say yes or "Doing the LT". Whatever hike they are doing, I envy and respect their efforts and determination. I have been in the woods since I was about 10 years old, hunting with my father. I still go hunting, or I as I like to say, "take my rifle for a walk". ...
  2. 10 Weird Things Hiking the AT Does to Your Mind, Body, & Spirit....

    1) I have to pull over when I'm driving past a mountain to keep from having an accident, since my mind is immediately shanghaied into imagining exactly how I would navigate the ridge....

    2) I can't look at a photo or postcard of beautiful, natural places without longing to be there.

    3) I seek out total strangers who could possibly understand this burgeoning obsession, because no one I know has a clue.

    4) I carefully weigh my clothing/footwear and gear
  3. FINALLY finishing up Vermont

    Okay, I confess: in my last blog, I lied about doing every mile between Rockfish Gap and Hanover.
    The truth is that I've only gone as far north as Podunk Road
    and I deliberately skipped the two miles between the trail to Shelburne (or is it Sherburne?) Pass and the place where the A.T. crosses Highway 4, in order to ensure I didn't AGAIN miss the last bus into town. ...

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  4. Trying to get the worst out of the way

    I've done pretty much all of The Trail between Rockfish Gap and Hanover NH. Thus, to continue adding to my miles, I have to hike either south of Waynesboro or north of Hanover. Also, my start and end points have to both be places (1) I can easily travel between OR (2) accessible by mass transit. And, as always, obligations invariably mean I can spend no more than five days hiking -- when my daily mileage struggles to reach even ten miles. All these considerations mean I end up looking for places ...
  5. Need help or info

    Hello again. I don't know if anyone ever reads these post. If you do and you know a hiker that is passing thru our town or state and they need some help, let us know. We will try and do what we can. Be well, Mike G. up in VT