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  1. Day 6: First Zero

    Woke up in a real bed. Yay! Had an absolutely delicious breakfast. Just took it nice and easy today. Resting and icing my knee. Applied KT tape and that really seems to help, but we will find out tomorrow. Have 11.5 miles tomorrow to get to Low Gap Shelter. My biggest day yet. Wish me luck.
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  2. Day 5: No Pain No Maine

    Woke up bright and early just before 5am. Luckily now rain. Sun doesn’t come up until 7:30am, so got my first experience with night hiking. It wasn’t too bad (don’t see why people like it) and I was in a group of 7, so safety in numbers. Neat thing was we heard a very loud owl 🦉. Thankfully the rain never came in as expected, which was good because Blood Mountain descent was a killer. My right knee started hurting during the last descent yesterday and every step down Blood Mountain was painful. ...

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