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  1. Day 18: Early Start

    Karaís dad gave us a ride to the trail head this morning. He picked us up at 6:45am 😒, but he was so nice to take us and stopped and got us breakfast at McDonalds. 10 mile day to Cold Spring Shelter. Hopefully, the early start will allow me to get a spot in the shelter since itís suppose to rain tonight and into the morning. It was a beautiful day. Leap frogged with about 7 other hikers all day. Then about a mile before the shelter I ran into the most amazing Trail Magic! They were a group ...

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  2. Day 17: Attempted Slack Packing

    Had another wonderful pancake breakfast at First Baptist Church in Franklin. Today a group of us are planning to slack pack the next 10 miles. Itís suppose to rain, but we should be done before most of it roles through. I was glad to have the opportunity to break in my new boots. It was nice hiking without all the extra weight, however, at mile 2 the rest of the group decided to call it early and get off after 5 miles. I couldnít argue since they were my ride, but I found not being in charge rather ...
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