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  1. Day 15: Welcome to Franklin

    Justin (WW2 outfit guy) showed up at the shelter last night, so I got to see more of his set up. He has basic pots and pans and requires a camp fire to cook. Last night he made a flapjack on a skillet over a fire. He has a pestle and mortar to grind his grains or something. I would not have the patience. Took it slow this morning and made my way into Franklin. Got my hotel room, showered and did laundry. Found the one restaurant in town that had a steak. It was beautiful. Now to bed. 😴
  2. Day 14: 100 Miles Down!

    A couple of people in our group stopped at the previous shelter, so we talked about stopping early today to let them catch up. However, I got an early start to the day and the first 8 miles flew by and I made it to Carter Gap Shelter at lunch time. There I discovered a 3 inch tear in the toe of my right boot. I remember tripping over a root on the trail. It must have ripped a hole. Luckily, there is a boot whisper at Franklin, so I guess Ill get new boots there. That in combination with the time ...

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  3. Day 13: Goodbye Georgia

    Today was a new personal best, 12.2 miles. It was a long day, but exciting. Achieved a new milestone today, crossed the Georgia border into North Carolina. Hooray! Was immediately met with a steep climb. What someone the previous night at camp coined The Great Wall of NC. Was able to push through, but was greeted with some trail magic at Deep Gap. They had ham, banana pudding, and Easter colored hard boiled eggs. It was a great boost to finish out the last mile of the day. Taking a nice relaxing ...

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  4. Day 12: Not a fan of the cold

    Didnt sleep too badly. Was a little cold to start but warmed up quickly. Getting up however was not fun. My hands were so cold that they hurt when I had to put my tent up. Once I broke camp and got moving it was better. It was 10 miles to Plumorchard Gap Shelter. Last night I kept dreaming about copperhead snakes. In my AT guide book, it mentions there is a copperhead nest in one of the stumps. I met a ridge runner along the trail and they assured me it was too cold for snakes. But of course I ...

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  5. Day 11: Measured Improvement

    Got back on trial about 9:30, with 11.2 miles to Addas Gap. It was a cold morning and played the layer game all day. Jacket on, jacket off, gloves on, gloves off. Stop take a break, everything back on. Had a spring in my step because my right knee had zero pain. Hooray! Made into camp at 4:30. Last time I had similar miles, I got into camp closer to 6:30. Its exciting to see improvement. Earlier night due to cold. Hopefully, Ill sleep comfortably.

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