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  1. Lewis Falls Loop Hike - Shenandoah National Park @ Big Meadows / Appalachian Trail

    Continuing our journey south on the Appalachian Trail through Shenandoah National Park, we hiked between Big Meadows Campground and Rock Spring Hut and also extended a little south on a loop of the AT that went to Lewis Falls. This trail is a fairly steep 3.3 mile loop with just under half of it on the Appalachian Trail. This loop is definitely worth the walk. Lewis Falls is listed as an 81’ waterfall. It has a nice observation point that is not ...
  2. Teacher & Gumball

    Gumball is my 11yr old great-nephew who has recently joined our household. He was intrigued by the stories of hiking the AT with Snacktime and wanted to give it a try. We've had several local jaunts and he seems to legitimately enjoy spending time in the woods. I was planning to start my very own section hike at Springer this fall, and told him he could join me if he was up to the challenge. In May he first set foot on the AT with a leisurely stroll along the Pochuck Boardwalk in NJ, and in June ...

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  3. cleaning Sawyer Squeeze filter

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    If you've clogged the filter with debris and sediment, it helps to lightly tap the bottom of the filter against a rock or surface a few times before each backflush. You'd be surprised at how much debris will get flushed out that would otherwise still be in there.
  4. Fist Solo Overnight

    Just trying to think back on some recent-ish hikes to document before I forget a lot of the details. I am working on section hiking Georgia this year.

    End of July 2016

    I gathered up the courage to try a solo trip, in hopes that my fiancé at the time would join me on the weekend when he was off work. I drove the 3 hours or so North from Augusta to Blairsville, GA to pick up where my friend and I left off the previous month at Neel's Gap. It was particularly dry on this ...
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  5. Book research...including Inchworm info.

    Quote Originally Posted by piscatore View Post
    I'm an author finishing up a book about the AT, the Maine Warden Service, the SAR community, and Gerry Largay's (Inchworm) ordeal. The book will celebrate her life, and her will to pursue her dream--and her courage and grace.
    Not looking for thoughts about mistakes or second-guessing, but rather if any of you spent time with her on the trail in 2013 and want to share anecdotes, or have something constructive to add, that would be wonderful.

    You may email my through
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