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  1. I finish up PA hiking across Cumberland Valley to Boiling Springs

    On this hike, I finally finished up PA! This section between Cove Mountain and Boiling Springs was completed as a number of day hikes and overnights. The 1st day, I slacked from the Parking at PA850 up Cove Mountain and back (10.5 miles). After that I drove over to the parking near Waggoners Gap just outside the Parking at Audubon Hawk Watch and hiked 0.9 miles South on the Tuscarora Trail to the Charlie Irvin Shelter for the night. It rained a little ...
  2. Is a Gene Autrey song close enough of a description?

    Willie Nelson sang, "Just can't wait to get on the road again," -- which describes how I felt a week ago.
    Gene Autrey sang, "Back in the saddle again. Ridin' the range once more, toting my old 44, where you sleep out every night" -- which PARTIALLY describes my sense of accomplishment.
    I'm just not aware of any song that celebrates the joy of being out on the trail after too long of an absence, but any such song would describe my feelings perfectly.
    And last ...