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  1. Bearfence Hut, Spring, Scramble, and Alpha Gal

    This was a great hike in the Shenandoah National Park, from Big Meadows Campground to Bearfence Hut. It is approximately 15 miles round trip and has very little elevation gain / loss. I’d list this as being moderate if you include the “scramble”. More information on the scramble part of the hike can be found here: As usual, I’ve posting some videos showing the trail, the shelter, legal campsites along this ...

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  2. Hike the "MST In A Day" - Sept 9, 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Curious G View Post
    I'd like to sign up for any section which can be bicycled because they're actually bike paths. It doesn't matter which flat paved incredibly long section without water or services of any kind it is, though I'd prefer the ones away from high density population centers or cities if there are any. Are there any? I guess Asheville would be alright as it is at least close to the mountains near a real trail and the homeless folks are pretty cool unlike the hungrier ones near Winston Salem Durham Raleigh
  3. Soaring to heights of mediocrity!

    As my previous two blogs have noted, 2017 has been a year during which I've done much better than average (well, at least FOR ME) in terms of daily mileage. Either my use of trail runners, OR my walking up & down stairs during the winter, has allowed me to very noticeably increase the number of miles I can walk in a day. Having concluded that I am no longer restricted to ten miles a day, I decided to plan for a fifteen-mile hike. As always, you can scoff at this low-ball plan, but this was daring ...
  4. It's gotta be the shoes!

    My last blog made note of the fact that I made exceptionally good time (well, at least for ME) during the hike. Since this was my first hike of the year – indeed, my first back-pack in almost 22 months – I doubted it could have been my building up strength over the summer. So I had to wonder – is there something causing me to gain speed in my hikes?
    An epiphany soon hit me, and my reaction was like the 1989 ad campaign ...

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  5. Maybe I'm NOT like Officer Murtaugh!

    In the Lethal Weapon movies series, a running gag concerns Murtaugh, a police officer in his fifties. After getting into a highly dangerous situation, he would moan, “I’m getting too old for this stuff,” (the actual line doesn’t use “stuff”), and then Murtaugh would go right back into danger. Many times over the last few years, as I found it harder & harder to achieve even adequate daily mileage on The Trail, this line kept coming back to me – and, just like Murtaugh, I’d go right back to doing ...

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