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  1. Day 66: 600 miles!

    Woke up rested and ready to get to Weary Feet Hostel. The description said food focused, so I was all in. We have 16 miles of pretty easy terrain. After 6 miles we hit the 600 mile mark!! Its exciting how the 100 mile markers are coming more frequently. My legs started to feel it about mile 14 or 15, but thankfully we didnt have much farther at that point. But at the very end I was disappointed when Guthooks (the hiking app that marks the trail) was wrong and we had to hike and extra .5 miles ...

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  2. Day 65: Good, but late start to the day

    Woke up and got ready to head out this morning. The plan is to do 18 miles today, but Im not sure when were getting back to the trail. The hostel owner decided to take the group to Maggies Place for breakfast. Ive heard great things about their food, so I decided to jump on board. Literally. It was a great breakfast. Well worth the late start. Its 10am already and still not on trail, but oh well. Finally, made it back on trail just after 11am. I got a little frustrated. We would be ready to ...