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  1. Bobblets Gap Shelter – Buzzard Rock Sunset at Whitetop Mountain – AT VA

    This was a two day, two night hike to fill in gaps between Jennings Creek @ AT Mile 758.5 to Bryant Ridge Shelter @ AT Mile 762.3, Bearwallow Gap @ AT Mile 751.9 to Bobblets Gap Shelter @ AT Mile 748.9, and Whitetop Road @ AT Mile 492.5 to Elk Garden @ AT Mile 494.9. The trail between Jennings Creek and Bryant Ridge Shelter is pretty plain with not many views. On this trip I skipped the section between Jennings Creek and Bearwallow Gap because the ...
  2. McAfee Knob Sunrise – Appalachian Trail VA

    This was the finale of a three day hike up over McAfee Knob, across Tinker Cliffs to Lamberts Meadow Shelter, and back to Campbell Shelter to stage for a night ascent of McAfee Knob for the amazing sunrise before going back to the parking lot and home. I can’t say enough how much being there for the sunrise was worth it. It was inexplicably moving… The Southbound ascent was not bad in the dark and a simple headlamp was just fine. Full hike here: ...
  3. Wildcat D to Carter Notch Hut – Wildcat Ridge Trail from Pinkham Notch – Day 1

    This was a three-day Appalachian Trail section hike from Pinkham Notch / NH-16 to the Rattle River trailhead on US-2. We stayed overnight at the AMC Joe Dodge Lodge and hiked via the Wildcat Ridge Trail to the Carter-Moriah Trail and the Rattle River Trail. Day 1 plan was to get over the Wildcats and stay overnight at the Carter Notch Hut. The trail up Wildcat D is extremely steep and is listed on the NH Terrifying 25 list: https://www.theterrifying25.com/ ...
  4. Filling in a REALLY small gap, and checking out the area

    This last week I could have gone to western North Carolina for some more hiking, but chose not to -- and I think I made the right choice:

    Since the other area where I lack miles is the White Mountains, I could have gone there for a week -- but I am VERY far from being able to handle several days of hiking there. So I instead decided to (1) fill in a silly gap I still have in the area and (2) ...
  5. Filling in some gaps, with some advice from the Beatles

    Okay, what with the Beatles reference?
    Recall that, the last time I hiked in this area, I went to the hills despite a warning about "scattered thunderstorms" -- and had some of the scariest minutes of my life.
    This time I went to do some hikes in the area, and, while watching the local weather forecast after a two day drive to the area, got another warning of "scattered thunderstorms."
    My response is best summed up in this song:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi8d...utu.be&t=1m44s ...

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