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  1. Day 18

    Trail Day: 18
    Date: 2013-04-11
    Start Location: Standing Indian
    Camping Location: Long Branch Shelter
    Todayís Miles: 15.7
    Cumulative Miles: 102

    Today was a BIG day! I passed 100 miles, I conquered Albert Mountain (quite the challenge), and I hiked almost 16 miles! Whatís more, I feel great! I think Iíve jumped a big hurdle. Iím taking Aleve on a regular basis (2x / day), wearing a brace on my knee, taking my anti-inflammatory medicine daily, and taking ...
  2. Day 17

    Trail Day: 17
    Date: 2013-04-10
    Todayís Destination Goal:
    Start Location: Bly Gap
    Camping Location: Standing Indian
    Todayís Miles: 7.7
    Cumulative Miles: 86.3

    I went to sleep very early last night. I was POOPED! But it feels great to have reached a milestone of sorts. I am now in North Carolina! One state down, 13 to go. 78.6 miles down, 2105.7 to go. No sweat!
    I slept so wonderfully last night. It was a new moon so the sky was very ...
  3. Day 16

    Trail Day: 16
    Date: 2013-04-09
    Start Location: Dickís Creek
    Camping Location: Bly Gap
    Todayís Miles: 9
    Cumulative Miles: 78.6

    I only did 6.4 miles yesterday. I had every intention of hiking further, but I got ďstuckĒ in Hiawassi. First I went to the grocery store, where I bought Tessa some food and lunch for me: fried chicken and mac & cheese. So yummy! And oh-so-bad for me! I did have fresh fruit too, though. Then I went to the post office to see ...
  4. Day 15

    Trail Day: 15
    Date: 2013-04-08
    Start Location: Addis Gap
    Camping Location: Dickís Creek Gap
    Todayís Miles: 5.4
    Cumulative Miles: 69.6
  5. Day 14

    Trail Day: 14
    Date: 2013-04-07
    Start Location: Tray Mountain
    Camping Location: Addis Gap
    Todayís Miles:
    Cumulative Miles: 64.2

    Iíve found myself a relatively comfortable log to sit on, and I am basking in the sun for a bit while my pasta cooks. Tessa has found herself a nice soft patch of dried leaves in which to sleep. We hiked about 6 miles, from Tray Mountain to where I am now: Addis Gap. Sadly I can go no further today. My damned right ...