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  1. Gear data v1.0

    [new PRW post]

    [Those bored to death by geartalk, skip this post!]

    Taking a cue from McBride's post on Whiteblaze, I thought I would write up the list of gear I took along on my WV->ME '09 hike and juxtapose it with things I'm carrying on my GA->WV '10 hike.

    Which starts in three weeks, by the way.

    So here goes:


    • Gregory Baltoro 70. Comfortable, user friendly pack. BUT: It leaned to the side on my back, had
  2. Trail Days, Billvilles Useless gear contest

    I spent yesterday morning working on my entry for the Trail Days annual Billville Useless Gear Contest. I think I am onto something with this idea. It could even go to market. Hmm, the possibilities this has. Sorry I cannot say what it is. I don’t want anyone stealing my patent.

    My knee has really been bothering me the last two days. It has me really concerned. There is no turning back for me now, even if I wanted to. They posted my job last night as an opening because of my departure. ...
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  3. Back on the AT 2010

    Today 22:27
    Florida Roadrunner

    Hello. I am a relatively new user of this AT resource. I currently plan to return to my AT section hike on May 1, 2010, leaving from the Ironhorse Inn in Hot Springs, NC. I hiked from the Lodge at Amicaola Falls, GA to Hot Springs, NC during March 29 thru Aprile 28, 2009. I plan to get to Damascus, VA by May 14, 2010 for Trail Days and end this section of my journey around July 2 somewhere from Harper's Ferry, WV or Boiling Springs, PA. I would ...
  4. Spirits up

    What a great weekend I had. My spirits are lifted once again and I am very excited. I wish I could leave tomorrow. I am so very ready for this hike in so many ways.

    I worked off some of my “to do” list here at the house.

    I am down to under a month for my departure date to leave from Maine to take the Amtrak to Georgia.

    I turned in my final notice at work this morning. I already did this once before but they told me they wanted it ...
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  5. Family visit

    I was in a slump last night. I am fine today. I think it comes from being too overwhelmed with everything going on in my life right now; being overtired sure did not help matters either.

    I am going to my parents today to visit. I want my mother to see my haircut; she has been on me about getting it cut since I started growing it long. I can now show here that my hair is short again and she can relax. My sisters will be my parents too and I want to see her. We were at each other’s ...
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