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  1. Hunter kills bear weighing nearly 700 pounds during first day of N.J. bear hunt

    Quote Originally Posted by Roche View Post
    Yes I've been to Hudson County NJ and can report I did not see any black bears. I didn't know you wanted me to keep an eye out for them.

    OK, so you do not trust the State of NJ's website, must be an anti-government thing .

    Silly me, and here I thought website's with tnames such as "killbears.org" or "savebears.org" would be bias.

    What neutral website do you suggest?
  2. It FINALLY stopped raining in Pearisburg!

    As I noted in my previous blog post,
    my original hope was to do a lot of hiking in the Pearisburg area in the spring, and then hit The Whites in the summer. That blog also noted that there has been not one week where the weather in that region was rain-free enough for my tastes. Thus, when I saw that there was going to be an entire week with very minimal chance for rain, I jumped at the chance.
  3. Back to Georgia

    Cynthia and I are headed back to Georgia to do a short section hike starting tomorrow.
    Woody Gap to Neels Gap. 10 miles
    looking forward to it.
  4. Woody Gap.

    We made it to Woody Gap on June 23 rd. averaged 6 miles a day. Much harder with 25 pound packs on. Saw some beautiful sites and had fun.
  5. Pennslyvania hiking with Lab

    Quote Originally Posted by CELTIC BUCK View Post
    Planning a practice hike with my 2 yr old neutered Lab Memorial Day weekend have 3 days. Thinking of starting Peter's Mountain and hiking North thru St Anthony Wilderness. Did this many years ago but not with a dog. Any input will be appreciated.