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  1. Mount Katahdin detailed 26min Hike - 17 September 2016

    Good Day Everyone,

    I will be hiking in 2018 but still haven't decided to do SOBO or NOBO or YOYO from Canada eh. But I guess I will decide later on.

    Recently I did a trip up the HUNT Trail in Katahdin on 17 Sep 16 and I did a very detailed video over 25minutes that will help many Thru-Hikers see what the end is. I did meet over 20 Thru-Hikers and they were just speeding up that mountain with ease it wasn't funny. I have posted the You Tube link below but am I allowed ...
  2. Books by dudes my age who hiked the AT

    Thanks for that one, Bill! It'll be something to refer to in those moments when the Real Hikers make me feel like a fraud.

    Quote Originally Posted by Just Bill View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Heliotrope View Post
    I resonate with your conundrum. Just Bill has made some very good points. I'm wondering if this might be an opportunity for a new white blaze forum. Seems there are a lot of us middle-age guys that want both financial freedom and the ability to take extended backpacking trips. I am not a through hiker yet. But there seems to be want to be through hikers that have
  3. Trail of Tears

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Bluebird View Post
    Just saw a banner running on the local news that the US Forest Service is apologizing for ripping up parts of the Trail of Tears on the AT. I have searched White blaze but can not find any discussions regarding this. Can anyone shed some light on this news or direct me to the Forum?
  4. New Hampshire is History, baby!

    September 11-Sunday. It had rained quite a bit overnight so I hoped it was done. Packed up by 7 and met the shuttle from hikers welcome hostel. They took my pack back to glencliff and I headed south slack packing over Mousalauke. About 30 minutes up the mountain it started to rain, then to Pour, then lightening and thunder. I was soaked through and half blinded as my glasses fogged over and I didn't want to try to dry them until it stopped. I got 1.3 miles to the shelter and stopped in to wait an ...

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  5. Sunny Presidentials and Foggy Franconia

    Sept 4-Sunday. Got up and cooked breakfast in the dark. My belly was so full I decided to let it settle before starting so I laid in my hammock and read for an hour. At 6 I broke camp and realized the pole I left by the trail to signal ginger tiger had disappeared. Rats! I tried to hike with one pole for a while but it threw me off balance so I picked up a stick and hiked with that all day. I passed Nathan and got a pic. I passed Tau but I could tell he didn't remember me. I got to osgood campsite ...
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