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  1. Not much Time

    I am sitting here at the house getting everything together. I can't stop loading and reloading my pack. My wife thinks I am crazy, I just say I love you. Kinda feel like a kid again, like I just got a new bike or something. I have made the choice to mail some food to a few places at the beginning. This will give me some more time to relax when I arrive to the locations, rather than have to go shop. My daughter does not really understand, I don't think. She seems to think that I will only be gone ...
  2. May 12-15 start Partners Wanted NOBO

    Hey, Graduating in May from college so getting a late start. Would like to have a partner to start out with at least. Hit me up if your interested.
  3. Wednesday notes: Heading to the ATC, "A Walk in the Woods" etc.

    [New PRW post]

    I'm a member at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, so I'm off to Harper's Ferry this morning to get the maps for Georgia through southwest Virginia at a discount. I'm also going to ask the assistant on duty what weather I can expect in Georgia.

    I've got my Irish drinking songs playlist ready on my iPod - The Pogues, Flogging Molly, The Clancy Brothers, The Young Dubliners and Dropkick Murphys- for March 17. It's something to look forward to. And fyi, Irish/Scottish ...
  4. Grayson Highlands Overnight camping trip Feb 2010

  5. Ranking AT memoirs/fiction

    I started this thread because I'm interested in getting kind of a summary review of all the thru-hiking memoirs and novels out there.

    I've only read a couple myself and I want to know what other people have enjoyed so I know which AT book I should spend my money on next.

    So please, opine here on the literature of the trail you've come across.

    Check Whiteblaze's links page for a link to media about the trail if you need to refresh your memory.