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  1. All Systems Go

    Checked with my buddy John who is joining me for the first 11 days. He confirmed he’s ready to go, rain or shine. Barring any last minute unexpected situations for either of us — we’re now in “all systems go” mode for 3/1.

  2. UPS vs USPS

    I expect there are lots of opinions on food drop options out there. I just thought I'd share what I found out yesterday about UPS vs USPS. The gentleman at the Mail and Copy store told me that if you raise a concern about a missing UPS package they start looking for it immediately and get it resolved within days, whereas a USPS package can take up to 30 day to resolve. I'm thinking I don't have wiggle room in my schedule for that kind of malarkey so I'm sending UPS packages 10 days early and then ...
  3. Adapting to Limitations

    Right now, I'm 7 days away from my marriage date, and 69 days from my flight to the states. Preparation continues as planned - amassing grains, testing recipes, dehydrating fruits, exercising, testing gear.

    One of my planning considerations is the state of my body. I had a rough and tumble autumn, the culmination of a pretty adventurous summer playing in the Alps. I trained up for a marathon in seven weeks, ran that marathon on 20 September, then, at the urging of a friend, ran a second ...
  4. Travis McGee, John Muir, and me, still in Cedar Key 17

    "Travis McGee's still in Cedar Key
    That's what John MacDonald said
    My rendezvous so long overdue
    With all of the things I've sung and I've read
    They still apply to me, they'll all make sense in time

    But now I'm incommunicado
    Driving by myself down the road with a hole in it
    Songs with no bravado
    Takin' the long way home" - J. Buffett

    It's time for me too to be incommunicado. I've got my gear together. There are a couple

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  5. 40 Days Out

    Woo, time is getting so short! I'm 40 days out from leaving town for my AT adventure and there is so much left to do that I'm sure I'll surely procrastinate until the last minute. I have all *necessary* gear... which doesn't mean I won't change something or add any luxuries and I did a quick clip video of it all a few days ago. The original was much to long and there was a lot of commentary. If people want to know about something, I'll go into detail, but until then -- it's just a list. ...
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