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  1. GA Hike coming up...

    Getting ready to join another hiker in GA for a week on the AT.
    Flight reservations - Check
    Gear - 'Almost' Check

    As a relative newbie its exciting as heck! The shakedown on my last hike took 10lbs out of my pack - got it down to 30lbs... I was in the Smokies and most of the journey was down hill so life wasn't too bad. This time Ive changed a few pieces of gear and cut down on the 'what-ifs' so hoping that my pack is a bit lighter.

    Our hike ...
  2. Packing for Mount Washington via the Ammonoosuc

    I've got my mess down to about 25lbs and "Marvin's" down to about 12. I ended up with most of the clothing in mine, outer layers, and the electronics. Hers has the essentials, snakage, water, and sleep. Once at Lakes of the Clouds Hut we'll redistribute to the smaller pack for a single pack day summit.
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  3. AT Adventures Year 6- Roanoke to Luray, VA


    Just completed a long long section hike from June 29 to July 20. Journal entries and pictures at my blog site.
  4. AT Thru-Hike Update

    Made it to Unionville NY NOBO where I had to come off trail due to stress fracture of foot. Headed north while resting it to climb K and head south to see how far I can get before foot gives out if it's gonna. Tried K once and couldn't quite make it. Resting another week and trying again. Fingers crossed.
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  5. Looking for hiking partner for 2016 thru-hike

    Hey everybody! I set myself on a goal to thru-hike the AT next year beginning late February or early March. I'd like to finish within five months the max. If anybody's interested shoot me a message on here or send me a email: [email protected]