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  1. I finish up PA hiking across Cumberland Valley to Boiling Springs

    On this hike, I finally finished up PA! This section between Cove Mountain and Boiling Springs was completed as a number of day hikes and overnights. The 1st day, I slacked from the Parking at PA850 up Cove Mountain and back (10.5 miles). After that I drove over to the parking near Waggoners Gap just outside the Parking at Audubon Hawk Watch and hiked 0.9 miles South on the Tuscarora Trail to the Charlie Irvin Shelter for the night. It rained a little ...
  2. My training for 2015, Training Day 18 - 21

    Training Day 18 - 21: June 27 - 30
    I decided last weekend was the time to start hiking for real. With the equipment already listed, 4 days food, merino wool long under layer, a compression shirt and a spare pair of liner socks, I set out on Friday afternoon with a total pack weight of about 40 pounds. I would have preferred to start earlier in the day, but I was depending on a ride to a bus that goes to the trail. By the time I got to the trail the temp was in the 90ís.


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  3. Rollin' into Spring 2012 with hiker gusto.

    With 2012 being so mild up here in PA, the section hiker season started early for me. My friend and I have been doing day hikes since January and went on our first weekend hike of the season last week. It was GLORIOUS to be back out on trail.

    So, after reading "Stick's Blog" for the past few months, I've been gathering ideas on how to make my pack lighter. During my hike I found that cutting back weight in my pack has put a pep in my step and a HUGE smile on my face. ...