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  1. My training for 2015, Training Day 14

    Training Day 14 June 8
    Today was a good day for a walk. Starting temp 57 at 11:30 am. Walked 35000+ steps which is about 16 miles. Ending temp 42 at 6:13pm. Walked to the grocery store again. This is getting to be a regular thing. When I was about a mile from the store a very kind lady stopped her car and ask if I wanted a ride. I told her I was training for the Appalachian Trail and needed to train in adverse weather. Oh, by the way it was driving rain and there were 3 tornado warnings ...
  2. New Book: Colorado Trail Thru-hike

    Quote Originally Posted by Cookerhiker View Post
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    Cookerhiker, I'm curious whether you would choose to take a zero day in Silverton again or maybe zero in one of the other towns instead. I'm currently planning to take a zero day in Breckenridge, Salida, and Lake City. I've been planning to send a resupply package to the Molas Lake Campground but since Silverton is supposed to be an easy hitch maybe it is worth spending a night there or even taking a zero day if it looks like I'm running ahead of schedule. I definitely want to avoid spending
  3. Filling in a minor gap

    I again note that my choice to hike for short periods, combined with my alternate nick of "Snail's Pace," means I have to do hikes of short duration. I also try hike between cities with mass transit. Combined, this means the miles, that I have done on the Trail, often have innumerable gaps in them. Which means I sometimes have to do wimpy treks to fill in these gaps. Last week (May 27 - May 30) was definitely one of these.

    I've gone north from Highway 9 near Bennington ...
  4. My training for 2015, Training Day 5 - 13

    Training Day 5 thru 12
    Went out on a car camping trip just to be out of the house and in nature. Camped on the Cache La Pouder. River was running very high. A woman fell out of a raft the day I arrived. She later died. While I was camping the river came up 3 feet. I heard they have now closed the area because of the high water.

    My campsite.

    I did a few day hikes with a pack. Mostly just camping outside.

    Training Day ...
  5. Less Than A Year....lets do this!

    Dreaming all my life, as many of you, of doing this thing. so close about 7 years ago, but the rug was pulled out from under goal this summer is to upgrade all my gear(most of it is the better part of 10 years old, so not so state of the art anymore), and find the right pack. spending the year in Telluride, CO...thinking these are some good mountains for proper training. Ides of March, First day of Spring, or April Fool's of those dates will be my start. Thinking the Equinox is ...