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  1. Our Bear Song

    Snacktime and I did a couple of short hikes in the Shenandoah National Park last month, and we decided that we needed to be prepared for a bear sighting. We figured that screaming and yelling might not be the best approach since it may not have the desired effect of scaring a bear off but instead might be considered aggressive. So we decided to sing aloud should one of us sight one, thus alerting the other to the presence without any sudden loud sound or action (assuming our slightly off-key

    Updated 05-24-2014 at 01:05 by Teacher & Snacktime

  2. My training for 2015, so far.

    Appalachian Trail Diary:
    Why do I want to hike the AT? Well first of all, I know it is there. I decided to do the AT because I lived by part of the trail in NJ and always was intrigued by the mystique. My motivation now is since I started walking a year ago to lose weight. I was at 240 and now around 200. Still want to lose about 15 more. I have walked around 2,800,000 steps so far. Admittedly I have not been completely dedicated to daily walking. I also want to do it in memory ...
  3. Type 1 Diabetes and "CURES"

    by , 05-19-2014 at 04:48 (My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017)
    I keep getting messages on reversing my diabetes.


    I am a type 1 diabetic. This means my pancreas make zero, none, zilch, nada insulin. There is NO PILL that can fix MY diabetes.

    If you are a type 2 diabetic please change your lifestyle, lose the weight, exercise more, eat the good food, stop eating the bad and you can reverse your diabetes. Diabetes is ONE disease with TWO CAUSES.

    It is beyond the scope of this blog to discuss ...
  4. A day in the life....

    by , 05-17-2014 at 21:04 (My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017)


    Went hiking with 27 pounds on my back. We went a little over 6 miles. Wow! I got quite the workout today. Plus the raking and mowing of the yard.

    For those who are curious my blood sugar log went like this:

    5:53am (I slept way late!)116I took 28units lantus and 5 units for a 75 carb breakfast plus 2 extra units because I always spike 2 hours after I get up.

    7:35am ...
  5. A couple of little things...

    by , 05-17-2014 at 21:02 (My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017)

    Mrs. Otter is such a trooper. Dental work done on Friday (tooth extraction and crown work), a rest day for Saturday and a 6 mile hike with a weighted pack (20# for mine 10# for hers) and then she felt crappy the rest of the day. We’ve got to learn pacing I guess.


    Went to endocrinologist and gained 5 pounds in the last 4 months. Wonderful….(that is sarcasm…)


    Now Friday was a very crappy day. I packed my lunch ...