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  1. Hiker Shuttle Services: Neels Gap

    Hiker Shuttle Services; Neels Gap, Blairsville and nearby Trailheads. Call Mike at (706) 781-3360, or (352) 817-2030 (this is a corrected phone number from earlier post ). Thanks.
  2. Is there really so much animosity towards dogs/their owners on the AT?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcasm the elf View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by rickb View Post
    I believe all the replies to this thread have been sincere.

    You are correct that the reality on the Trail is that most people keep their opinions and feelings to themselves regarding dogs.

    I disagree with you if you are suggesting at the opinions expressed in this thread are not real, however.

    I am not sure it is so bad that people feel comfortable sharing them on WB, who would otherwise keep these opinion to themselves in the woods. I definitely think dogs
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  3. Prepaid card announced by Chase

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    A few large players
  4. Hikers Shuttle Services

    Hiker Shuttle Services; Neels Gap, Blairsville, nearby trailheads. Call Mike, 706-781-3360, or 353-817-2030.
  5. This isn't Cross Training, it's Cross Learning!

    by , 04-05-2014 at 05:44 (My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017)
    Im excited to be getting my first backpack at the end of April and really get started on this AT adventure finally. With the backpack I will begin to feel like a hiker.

    As far as sports and money go this isnt really bad. The big items are a backpack, tent, and sleeping bag. You can get crazy expensive with the other stuff but you dont have to in order to have a good time.

    Versus $1100 to $4000 for a triathlon bike, $90 to $120 for triathlon kits. $130 for ...