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  1. Trail Hiking and Blood Sugar readings.

    by , 03-23-2014 at 14:20 (My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017)
    We hiked the San Felasco 5.8 mile loop yesterday. My blood sugars we very low the whole time. I kept yawning and felt low energy while on the trail so I knew something was up.

    At the start I was 67. Ate a Cliff Bar. At the halfway point I was 75. Ate half a bagel. And at the end I was 56.

    This morning I was at 210 and was 271 2.5 hours later.

    Trail hiking affects my blood sugar levels way differently than my running does. It took me nine months to get my blood ...
  2. A little background info....

    by , 03-22-2014 at 06:10 (My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017)
    A month and a half ago, my wife, Karen and I, did a 4 mile trail hike. I noticed that she "lit up" while walking in the woods. We got to talking, like we always do, and she said that she always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail.

    Five years ago I started running again. After 20+ years of couch surfing I completed my first marathon 4 years ago and then did a sprint triathlon and finished my second marathon in November of 2013. I WAS planning on an Iron Distance Triathlon ...
  3. Posting journal entries on my own blog

    I'm posting journal entries on my own blog. (Bought the domain name forever ago and haven't put it to good use yet - it's derived from my Twitter handle of the same name). If you are interested in following my progress, you may read about it all there.

    It's just easier for me to update there since I'll likely be using the combination of my trusty iPhone and a Wordpress app to post things and upload pics while stopping to resupply if/when i have service and battery power. :)
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  4. Time Flys

    It's been a long time since I've posted. Changes in ISP providers and many other circumstances have kept me away. It's official. My wife and I joined a not too exclusive club this winter. We are now snowbirds. Our rookie season have been great. There weather in central Florida has been cool but unlike home in Michigan you don't have to shovel chilly.

    On the way down to Florida we stopped at Mountain Crossing on Blood Mnt in Georgia. We spent a lot of time there and got some ...
  5. Going in!

    "I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." -John Muir