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  1. BUCKEtLIST_67 A.T. Thru-Hike

    Counting down to a March 6th start.

    The wish list is all purchased, packed and training is in progress.

    I passed a SOBOer on the Trail this past fall who told me that the only way to train for an AT Thru hike is to hike up mountains in the rain. He said, "No rain, no pain, no Maine".

    Well, here in Florida we have the rain, no doubt, but the mountains are a little scarce. So Iíve been on the incline treadmill and step master with a loaded ...
  2. 2/3/14 Start of Journal

    Well time to start a online journal so friends and family can follow me and my endeavors.

    I would like to start out with yes I have terrible spelling ha!

    Now lets get started

    I have three days left of work (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and then its time to enjoy a little bit of free time until I leave for the AT thru hike.

    I'm planning on going NOBO (north bound) starting in Georgia and HOPEFULLY ending in Maine.

    Lately i've been ...
  3. rigister

    Is there any need to go to Amicalola Falls. I there a sign in or registration needed before starting a thru hike?
  4. 2 months until launch off!

    Height: 5"8
    Pulse(standing): 69bpm
    Blood Pressure (sitting): 112/70
    Weight: 159 lbs
    Body Mass Index: 24.2
    Body Surface Area: 1.85 m2

    Lifestyle habits leading up to this day -
    Worked 36-52 hours a week. Work days meant sitting for about 13 hours, driving about 2 hours, and sleeping 6-8 hours. No exercise whatsoever. Typically did light indoor rock climbing for 4-6 hours a week, ran less than 8 miles a week, and did maybe a handful of situps,
  5. Official 2014 Mileage from ATC

    Quote Originally Posted by Lauriep View Post
    The official mileage from Appalachian Trail Conservancy for 2014 is 2,185.3, a decrease of 0.6 miles. The mileage is collected every year for the Appalachian Trail Data Book, published by ATC. The 2014 A.T. Data Book (the 36th edition of the book) has been published and came in to ATC's warehouse in Kearneysville, WV and ATC's headquarters Harpers Ferry Friday (12/6).

    The official mileage is determined every year by ATC, gathering data from the 31 A.T.-maintaining clubs. Where there