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  1. AT Year 8 Section Hike - Swatara Gap, PA to Bear Mountain-Harriman SP, New York

    Here is a link to my hiking blog, and my most recent AT section hiking adventure. (202 Miles)

    I appreciate any additional blog followers, comments, and/or suggestions. Happy Trails. 'Triple M...MMM'
  2. More ultimate slackpacking

    My style of doing The Trail -- about which I have spoken several times -- inevitably leads to a few gaps in the miles I have hiked over. Specifically, I have missed about thirty miles of the A.T. just north of Damascus. Fortunately, my "Free Shuttle, With Benefits"
    had a few days off during her university's fall semester break. Thus, we went down to that area for R&R, and completion of my miles.

    I can hardly call it backpacking ...

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  3. Get your Zen on! South River Falls - SNP AT

  4. Last Mile

    I rejoined the trail on 01 June following yet an other injury - big toe tendinitis that led to new boots that led to PF that led to new boots that created arch issues that led to new boots: Lowa made in Germany and purchased at REI in Atlanta. Mixed in that calendar sequence was my father's funeral and minor surgery. All totaled a whopping 81-days off trail.
    i resumed the hike at Uncle Johnny's hostel and carried on for a total of 126 hiking days. All was chronicled at ...

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  5. Hightop Mountain, Hut, and Springs - Appalachian Trail - Shenandoah National Park

    This was a great hike in the Shenandoah National Park, from South River Picnic Area to Hightop Hut. It is approximately 13 miles round trip and has a couple persistent uphill sections of climb.
    As usual, Iíve posting some videos showing the trail, the shelter, legal campsites along this section of trail, and more importantly (to me) the springs. 😊
    The Hightop Hut is a fairly standard 3 sided structure with an internal mezzanine ...
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