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  1. Maybe I was too hard on myself

    In September of last year I stated that I was reconciled to two, undeniable facts

    Even though I am even MORE reconciled to the Phillies not winning the World Series this year, it seems that I might have been too pessimistic about my own capabilities.

    Due to my less than stellar performance last year, I concluded that I was going to have to work up ...
  2. Scott Jurek on Appalachian Trail

    Quote Originally Posted by Chewbacca View Post
    How much of the trail has boulders vs. running trail from here to the start of the Katahdin ascent?
  3. Starting thru hike July 13 Sobo

    Anybody going to be starting near this date?
  4. First Steps On My New Adventure

  5. June 19, 2015 Appalachian Trail start

    Tomorrow starts our first day on the trail. We are going to section hike as far as we can in 8 days in Georgia. Cynthia, Andrew and I are very excited to start on our adventure.