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  1. Restart at the NOC

    After leaving Amicalola Falls on 04 February, I am restarting my AT thru at the NOC on 27 February. Why?

    I managed to complete 137 miles (plus the dang 9-mile approach trail) in 10 days. I shared the first seven of those days with Polka Dot. The last three nights I shared shelters with Young Blood. Unfortunately on about day 4 I had a stone tread "kick" a shin that, while it did no visible damage, days later turned into a major pain - pun intended. The pain descending into ...
  2. Training

    Every year about this time when the weather starts to break I start to do two things. 1) Watch Youtube videos of people starting their through hikes. 2) Train so that I can do my smaller hikes...

    Last year I had some setbacks. Family obligations and serious blister issues kept me from achieving the real miles that I had wanted. That's ok. 2017 is a new year, and I am going to make it work for me.

    This year I am going to plan smaller hikes more frequent hikes to get started. ...
  3. Two and a Wake-up

    The plan for starting the AT Hike has entered its final stage. Scamper & I hosted Coach and Polka Dot at our home for supper last evening. We had planned on there being at least one other attendee, but W2 opted to withdraw his name from the excursion.

    During supper we established a tentative plan for Saturday's start:

    1) Scamper and I will pick Polka Dot up at her home at 08:00 and drive to the Amicalola Falls Visitor Center, weigh our packs, sign-in, have the obligatory ...

    Updated 02-02-2017 at 16:38 by MadRanger

  4. 2017 Thru-Hike Registry

    Quote Originally Posted by MadRanger View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by MadRanger View Post
    Trail Name: JAX DAD
    Direction: North
    Start Date: 06 FEB 2017
    Approach Trail: Nope - been there - and over many of the ridges and in sundry creeks in the area.
    Change #1:
    Polka Dot has joined me for the Georgia section.
    Change #2:
    We will leave Amicalola Falls on 04 Feb, vice just me on the 06 Feb. That was her idea; not mine! But there are cogent reasons to add the leg.
    That accelerated departure
  5. Anker Battery Back

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Old Owl View Post
    The quick charge mode Leo speaks of is a smart mode - In the first few seconds of connecting a charger the phone decides thru a resistive bridge network hidden at the manufactures included charger. I have posted the diagram here in the past. The phone looks to see the data wires shorted, the correct volts/amps for power charging, and resistance. If the phone doesn't see the three things all correct it flags the user with a beep and message and selects the slower 6-8 hour charge instead of the two.
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