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  1. Day 25: 2nd Half Struggle

    Slept warm enough last night. Chilly morning but it was nice not to have to put up my tent. First 6 miles today was a breeze. The next 6 miles was a different story. The climbs werenít long, but they were pretty steep with no switchbacks. Still made it to Derrick Knobs Shelter at a good time. Did my chores, ate, and got in my sleeping bag for the night. Itís just too cold to be socializing.
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  2. Day 24: Entering the Smokies

    Here we go. Got started shortly after 8am. Had a couple miles to get through Fontana Dam and then it was a 4 mile ascent right off the bat into the Smokies. Iíve noticed my energy depleting the last couple days, so today Iím going to eat proactively every hour and half. I have been just waiting till Iím hungry but I know by then itís too late. I definitely felt better today on the ascent. No bear sightings so far. I can definitely see why people like the Smokies. It is beautiful. Made it the 13 ...
  3. Day 23: Mentally Preparing for the Smokies

    Taking a zero today to rest up for the Smokies. And it will be a real zero with no where to go. Resupply, laundry are already done. I know taking 3 nights at the Hike Inn seems like a bit much, but the Smokies have been intimidating me. Partially because it seems like a tunnel with the only mid way exit being Gatlinburg. Thatís more restricting than what Iíve seen so far. Secondly, the bear encounters. Crosby Knob Shelter is closed because a bear got in a guys tent and stole his pack. Most likely ...
  4. Apple Orchard Falls, Guillotine, Thunder Hill Shelter, and "The Guardian Frog"

    This was an outstanding hike. The parking at Sunset Field on the Blue Ridge Parkway is quite large, but also popular. Despite it being foggy, it was very crowded. The hike down to the falls is about 1.3 miles and well worth the descent down ~147 stars near the bottom. The falls are extremely tall and beautiful. You can walk right up to the base of them. There is an upper cascade a couple tenths of a mile before the platform at the end that is also ...
  5. Day 22: Slack Packing Take 2

    Woke up at 6:45 to have a 7:30 start. Not too bad, but had to be done by 4pm to be picked up by the hotel, so wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to complete my 14 miles to Fontana Dam. Felt great not having to carry out that weight and was moving really well especially uphill. Saw my first real wild life (snakes donít count) 2 deer with really fluffy white tails. Iíve seen my fair share of deer before, but none like these. They ran off too quick for me to get a picture, but I googled it and ...

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