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  1. to oldatchic Cake is 63 and will hike w u. You can join me on my next one also

    To Old AT CHIC,
    Cake will hike w u. Or u can hike w me, also. Leaving to hike NH July 14 for 27 days. I am a 63 yr little old lady who loves to hike .
  2. Appalachian Trail Maryland I70 to POGO Memorial Campsite

    This was another short hike to clean up some of my Appalachian Trail miles in Maryland. It was a great weekend and parking was tight at the I70/US40 parking lot. Iím glad we got there early, before 0830. The lot was already packed!! Our plan for the day was to hike from I70 past Pine Knob Shelter, Annapolis Rocks, Black Rock, and stay overnight at POGO Memorial Campsite. The trail was relatively easy for the 1st 0.8 miles, after which it ascended ...
  3. Today I'm Lazy

    I'm supposed to be hiking around 25 miles today, but decided to just relax instead. Yesterday I took the Low Gap trail from Cosby and did a clockwise loop including Mt. Sterling, taking the Big Creek, Baxter Creek, Swallow Fork, and Low Gap trails. It's a bit under 28 miles, but if you take the short side trail near the top of Mt. Sterling to get water, it pushes it to a little over 28.

    The distance and elevation were just fine, and I shaved over an hour from the first time I did the ...
  4. Mile 728 - Troutville (part 2)

    June 8 7a-7p - passed the 25% mark today. Got to groseclose Sunoco and took a break to charge my phone. Found out THS class of 79 wanted to follow me so I spent some time to post facebook stuff. Iran into a guy with hot pink hair, cant remember what he said his name was - I just called him "pinkie" LOL. Couple long hills and some pasture walks. At one point the cows were all laying in the shade in front of the stile I had to cross. I just talked to them as I walked up and the few closes ...
  5. Mile 728 - Troutville, VA

    I know it's a long time between posts -sorry for that, but the mobile interface is not great and I'm not at a PC often :-) BEAR WITH ME!!!
    My bounce box got held up by mistake at Mtn Harbor hostel- they are sending it to waynesboro, so if all goes well and I find WIFI I'll try to post some of my pics next week ... the country we have been hiking is absolutely amazing!
    So, Here's the rundown of the past couple weeks

    May 30 - 7a-5p - Saw a bear cub and mama this morning ...
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