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  1. Day 27: First Hitch

    Woke up and got moving early this morning. Nothing like the promise of a warm bed and real food to get me going. Thankfully Sourdough started a fire this morning, so I was able to keep warm as I packed up. Only 5 miles today to Newfound Gap where I can get a ride into Gatlinburg. Itís a popular tourist spot, so itís suppose to be an easy hitch. Got a ride from a young couple that hikes, so they didnít think we were dangerous. Lol. Unfortunately, they only took us to the welcome center, so we still ...
  2. Day 26: Highest Point on the AT!

    Started to snow! before I even left the shelter this morning. It kind of fluttered between snow, freezing rain and hail all morning. Wasnít too bad, but Iím definitely glad I had my cold weather gear and rain jacket. Iím a happy camper as long as Iím dry and warm. Sun came out right at lunch time which was perfect since I was getting to Clingmanís Dome this afternoon. Itís the highest point on the AT and the 200 mile mark. Geez, feels like I just hit 100 miles. Got some amazing views from Clingmans ...
  3. Day 25: 2nd Half Struggle

    Slept warm enough last night. Chilly morning but it was nice not to have to put up my tent. First 6 miles today was a breeze. The next 6 miles was a different story. The climbs werenít long, but they were pretty steep with no switchbacks. Still made it to Derrick Knobs Shelter at a good time. Did my chores, ate, and got in my sleeping bag for the night. Itís just too cold to be socializing.
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  4. Day 24: Entering the Smokies

    Here we go. Got started shortly after 8am. Had a couple miles to get through Fontana Dam and then it was a 4 mile ascent right off the bat into the Smokies. Iíve noticed my energy depleting the last couple days, so today Iím going to eat proactively every hour and half. I have been just waiting till Iím hungry but I know by then itís too late. I definitely felt better today on the ascent. No bear sightings so far. I can definitely see why people like the Smokies. It is beautiful. Made it the 13 ...
  5. Day 23: Mentally Preparing for the Smokies

    Taking a zero today to rest up for the Smokies. And it will be a real zero with no where to go. Resupply, laundry are already done. I know taking 3 nights at the Hike Inn seems like a bit much, but the Smokies have been intimidating me. Partially because it seems like a tunnel with the only mid way exit being Gatlinburg. Thatís more restricting than what Iíve seen so far. Secondly, the bear encounters. Crosby Knob Shelter is closed because a bear got in a guys tent and stole his pack. Most likely ...
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