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  1. Women Solo Hiking

    I want to take a week and hike the rest of the GA section, but would be going alone. Have any ladies had issues hiking/hitchhiking alone in that area? I would be starting at Neel's Gap and going however far my legs will take me for 6-7 days.
  2. Zeroing (again?) in Hiawassee

    Well, I figured out the biggest challenge of being a solo female nobo. There are too many people on the trail to relieve yourself in private. It seems the goal is to stay dehydrated so you can be sure you're really alone and there wont be a plethora of other nobos passing you as you use the woods. It's almost a game of strategy- you have to keep in mind about 40 different people's hiking speed, what time they left camp, what time you passed them, and how many unknowns could be about to pass you, ...
  3. Squatch, Tetris, Jack Rabbit, Rambo

    ...while humming up Unicoi Turnpike, just north of Wilks Road and about 11 miles south of Hiawassee, Georgia. I saw the AT crossing sign first and then four hikers with a "Hiker to Town" sign about a moment later. We whipped into the turnout to the side of the road and I hopped out to see if there was anything we could do.

    Frankly, I thought giving them a ride into town was out of the question since the car was loaded down with luggage, my gear (I had taken it down to Houston ...

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