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  • Outdoor Writers Wanted at WhiteBlaze

    Amateur or Professional Outdoor Writers Wanted

    WhiteBlaze.net, an Appalachian Trail community is seeking correspondents to write good quality outdoor articles dealing with the Appalachian Trail and anything hiking related in general. By hiking related we mean, hiking trails, hiking stories, hike preparation, health and safety and everything else we see going on around us in the outdoor hiking community, and more. Send us your ideas.

    This is an opportunity to become a part of WhiteBlaze and experience the thrill of getting to see your work in print, along with the rest of the world. All that is required is a heart for the outdoors, a desire to write about it and the work ethic to carry through with it.

    We are willing to compensate for good quality articles. You can learn more about becoming a Staff Writer and all that it entails by contacting us at http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/sendmessage.php and select “Article submission” or “Contact Attroll (Admin)” options.

    Current articles that we are interested in include, anything Appalachian Trail related, hiking in general, hiking trails, hiking preparation, health and safety issues and concerns, tips and tricks, photography, and once again anything Appalachian Trail related. We are open to other ideas and suggestions.
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    1. GrandFromage's Avatar
      GrandFromage -
      Check out my blog at: https://flatfooting.wordpress.com/category/at-section-hikes/
      I've been writing this for the last year or so, capturing section hikes north bound from Springer. It's evolved into a synopsis of other (than the AT) backpacking outings, day hiking opportunities and travel reports. This what you're looking for? Let me know. Thanks.
      Joe Gezo
    1. litetrek's Avatar
      litetrek -
      How about an occasional outdoor themed poem? I have a few.
    1. ajcajonel's Avatar
      ajcajonel -
      I'm planning a flip flop hike with a step date of 2 May from Harper's Ferry - I do plan to document my hike, would gladly write for you.

      James Myers
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    Dream of ‘American Perimeter Trail’ still alive for Bend backpacker - OPB News

    I'm guessing he's trying to connect already established trails where possible?

    Apparently, he was trying to avoid populated trails like the

    nsherry61 05-07-2021, 01:17 Go to last post

    'So far, so good': Man with Parkinson's disease is on journey to hike entire Appalach

    My belief is that pumping a ton of blood through your brain is the best thing that someone with such an affliction you could possibly do.

    RockDoc 05-06-2021, 20:33 Go to last post
    One Half

    'So far, so good': Man with Parkinson's disease is on journey to hike entire Appalach

    good luck to him

    my brother in law just got diagnosed last fall. he has the worst type of it. rapidly progressing, no remission periods,

    One Half 05-05-2021, 19:34 Go to last post
    One Half

    Dream of ‘American Perimeter Trail’ still alive for Bend backpacker - OPB News

    curious why he didn't go further east

    One Half 05-05-2021, 19:29 Go to last post