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    Any good info for family concerns ?

    Thread Starter: tsw

    Anyone know of any good videos, articles, books, ect that would be good to show friends and family that are worried I am going to get killed by a bear

    Last Post By: Coffee Today, 06:20 Go to last post

    Rattle River Hostel, Gorham, NH Closed?

    Thread Starter: ldsailor

    I just saw a Facebook post dated June 19th saying the Rattle River Hostel closed. I thought that was one of the better run hostels on the AT. Anyone

    Last Post By: dukakis Today, 05:54 Go to last post
    The Miracle Man

    Powdered eggs and powdered milk.

    Thread Starter: The Miracle Man

    I did a search and nothing came back. It just returned me back to the beginning here of the cooking and food forum again.

    Has anyone carried

    Last Post By: Odd Man Out Yesterday, 17:55 Go to last post

    No camping between Alec Kennedy & Darlington shelters in PA

    Thread Starter: foodbag

    While researching matters related to a planned SOBO AT section hike in October I've learned that there's no camping between Alec Kennedy and Darlington

    Last Post By: Captain Blue Yesterday, 16:47 Go to last post

    Dennytown Road camping

    Thread Starter: soilman

    The Thru Hikers Companion says there is camping at Dennytown Rd in a group campsite. Far Out says you may need reservations. I cannot find anything on

    Last Post By: hikermiker Yesterday, 07:21 Go to last post

    Legal flat camping on presidential traverse

    Thread Starter: sethd513

    Hey all it’s been a while. Doing a presi travers next week. Hoping to find some flat spots near Monroe/Eisenhower to throw down the bivy for the night.

    Last Post By: peakbagger 08-07-2022, 13:23 Go to last post