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    Gaggle of Lightweight Packs for Sale....

    Thread Starter: colorado_rob

    Four packs for sale, cleaning out the gear room... All of these packs are very usable and have lots of life left in them. From left to right in the attached

    Last Post By: colorado_rob Today, 19:00 Go to last post

    Trekking Poles, Carry On, TSA, all that....

    Thread Starter: GolfHiker

    Im guessing the topic of putting your Hiking Poles in carry on luggage has been addressed previously. I know what TSA says on their website, check em....

    Last Post By: Analog_Kidd Today, 18:57 Go to last post
    Game Warden

    Tarps vs bugs

    Thread Starter: Game Warden

    I am thinking about going to a tarp shelter instead of a tent. My chief concern is mosquitos. Does anyone have any experience in bug season with a tarp?

    Last Post By: MuddyWaters Today, 18:49 Go to last post

    Rain gear

    Thread Starter: Wesgoat

    I am starting a LASH on May 2 on the AT and headed to Katahdin. I have hiked thru PA in May before and it was chilly and wet. Very wet.

    Last Post By: gbolt Today, 18:24 Go to last post

    Fuel Canisters Packed in pack for bus rides

    Thread Starter: Mouser999

    When having to take a bus to a starting point, how do you handle fuel canisters in you pack?
    Most bus companies state no fuels to be carrried while

    Last Post By: Feral Bill Today, 18:18 Go to last post

    Leaving Kids Behind

    Thread Starter: K.Red

    I'm wondering if there are other women out there in my position:
    I am going to thru-hike the AT. It's all I think about. I would go tomorrow if

    Last Post By: Deadeye Today, 18:01 Go to last post