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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Very scared right now [PRE HIKE]

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Alright, now I am getting really freaking nervous. Tomorrow is Christmas and another point closer to my start date of the thru hike. It puts me 72 days away from me leaving hear to head to Georgia. I am getting scared beyond control. I have been even having second thoughts about it but I am sure that is natural. I am very comfortable in life and have a good paying job and I am quitting my job and walking about from all the creature comforts I love and appreciate. I am doing this to go live out of my hammock for six months and go without showering for days at a time. The only thing keeping me going is know all the great people I am going to meet and the great times I will have. I know there will also be some bad times too. If I do not make the effort to do this then I know in a couple years it will be out of the question all together. I really worry more about falling back into the job market when I get back. That is my number one concern more than anything else. As 50 years of age it is very scary.

All I can say is I am pretty damn scared.
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