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WordPress Blog vs. WhiteBlaze

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I activated this journal on 14 March 2016 and have posted but one blog since - a re-post of another so it would be handy. In the meantime I developed a plan to depart Springer in Feb 2017, and am confident it is workable - after all, I had adhered to my project management methodology. Triple constraints, etc., etc. And thanks to scores of folks with great ideas and to the Conservancy for its contributions. I am set.

Well, I thought I was set until Dave, a friend that Scamper and I met in Lima, Peru, asked "How can I follow your trek?" It was a good and timely question that I pushed into change management. Stick with me on this thread! A blog comes with its own set of triple constraints! Yipes! - and change often comes with a price!

After consideration of several options (this site, FB, Blogger and WordPress) I opted to use a free WordPress theme - but not before I attempted a premium WordPress package. Visit free at: Hike with JAX DAD

Why WordPress? It offers reasonable site customization, great editing options, and a means to submit blogs via a "secret" email address. I am not sure how the WhiteBlaze journal (blog) is shared.

The Bud stove photo was added to see how this site handles them (photos, not stoves). I sent the stove to a brother for testing - nothing heard in response. Yet. The same pic is on my WordPress site - where I can fit it in the text where I want it.
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