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Peachtree City Trails via GAIA

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Last Friday (and two weeks after extolling the value of an exercise program I found for hiking and mountaineering) I pulled a calf muscle on the last set of hill climbers. Great - nothing like two up and one back. As a consequence, I had to cancel a Saturday hike on the Peachtree City (PTC) trails with Polka Dot, my cycling coach's wife.

Following six days of RICE, I returned to the PTC trail along and enjoyed a relatively short hike with gear. The link here was the outbound leg; a very level trail alongside Flat Creek and muddy in several places. I saved that track while sitting on a convenient, raised manhole cover (pictured at the link). The wife and I were trying to get a handle on when data would save to GAIA so she could follow me on a PC as she occasionally does with Strava when I am cycling. While I have not confirmed yet, it would appear that she will not be able to track my progress live on GAIA; she could only see a leg of the hike once I finished/saved it for the purposes of GAIA. The return leg was longer and hilly. The trails were ostensibly created for mountain-bikers, but are clearly multi-use. There is a tunnel beneath Highway 74 so that crossing traffic was not an issue. Yes, the calf muscle is mostly repaired. No pain - no gain?
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