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Change in Departure Date - Twice

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Since March of this year I planned to depart Springer Mountain on 06 Feb 2017. Polka Dot caused me to reconsider that date - iteratively. After she told Coach that she wanted to complete the GA Section this year and that she saw my schedule as a possible match, he contacted me. As he often does. After a call or three I gradually saw the light - up to then I was a one-man team. To meet Polka Dot's work scheduled and hike window I elected to start a day earlier and slow my initial pace - but only slightly.

She & I then incorporated Coach into the schedule at Neel Gap and Hiawassee (Dicks Creek Gap). He will provide two resupplies at those stops. Of course the principle reason for the stops is that we both enjoy his various observations, equipment suggestions and most certainly his conversations.

Adapting to Polka Dot's requirements will put me only a day behind my original, planned finish date - a change that still allows me to meet the uncle/aunt's 50th anniversary. [I plan to finish on/about 15 June with the anniversary date of 08 July.]

With the new date, I only had to wait a day or two before Coach called again. In that call he said Polka Dot wanted to start at Amicalola Falls - a non-point of the AT that was never in my plans. I gave it some thought and since adding that leg is before my planned start date, I saw little reason not to include those 8.8 miles. In fact I saw its value - another short hike to help me get my legs attuned to the elevation changes that I can't otherwise achieve with local hikes or exercise equipment. Agreed. We plan to hike from Amicalola Falls on 04 Feb 2017.

All those AT purists will see me as one more convert.

In the meantime, Polka Dot developed an equipment & weather test now scheduled for the weekend of 7-8 January 2017. Snow is anticipated along with temperatures in the mid-teens. We will start at Upatoi Gap and camp at Brasstown Bald along with Coach.
Hiking continues otherwise at www.HikeWithJAXDAD.WordPress.com

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