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Wise Old Owl

Anker Battery Back

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The quick charge mode Leo speaks of is a smart mode - In the first few seconds of connecting a charger the phone decides thru a resistive bridge network hidden at the manufactures included charger. I have posted the diagram here in the past. The phone looks to see the data wires shorted, the correct volts/amps for power charging, and resistance. If the phone doesn't see the three things all correct it flags the user with a beep and message and selects the slower 6-8 hour charge instead of the two.

This all goes back to knock off chargers coming from China that would damage the Iphone and/or catching fire. Samsung and Iphone took notice and made the changes. Iphone chargers are superior and the look alike "cheaper" chargers were poor.

I worked very hard to make a 4-7oz (stripped down) Solar Panel that delivered more than an amp for direct charging and discovered the phones not agreeing with the power from the panel and not selecting the smart mode. My thought was to take a long lunch on the trail at a sunny spot and recharge my needs while having a sandwich. for the moment I charge the Anker Battery (IC3) at lunch and later charge the phone... Sometimes the smart mode kicks in, I will do more testing this year.

If you are really into this stuff CLICK HERE and please don't remind me about a green tunnel.

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