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2017 Thru-Hike Registry

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Quote Originally Posted by MadRanger View Post
Quote Originally Posted by MadRanger View Post
Trail Name: JAX DAD
Direction: North
Start Date: 06 FEB 2017
Approach Trail: Nope - been there - and over many of the ridges and in sundry creeks in the area.
Change #1:
Polka Dot has joined me for the Georgia section.
Change #2:
We will leave Amicalola Falls on 04 Feb, vice just me on the 06 Feb. That was her idea; not mine! But there are cogent reasons to add the leg.
That accelerated departure date enables her to optimize available vacation time while still getting a full section logged. We will meet Coach at Neel Gap for grins on the afternoon of 07 Feb, at Dick's Gap on 10 Feb for more grins, and at Standing Indian Shelter on the afternoon of 11 February. Coach will have hiked up from Standing Indian Campground and the three of us will camp overnight near the shelter. On the morning of 12 February they will return to PTC as I continue northward. Anyone in the area of SI Shelter on the morning 12 February will likely hear me talking to myself - for any of a variety of reasons!
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