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Two and a Wake-up

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The plan for starting the AT Hike has entered its final stage. Scamper & I hosted Coach and Polka Dot at our home for supper last evening. We had planned on there being at least one other attendee, but W2 opted to withdraw his name from the excursion.

During supper we established a tentative plan for Saturday's start:

1) Scamper and I will pick Polka Dot up at her home at 08:00 and drive to the Amicalola Falls Visitor Center, weigh our packs, sign-in, have the obligatory photo taken at the arch and then at about 10:30 commence our trek together on the Georgia Section. Scamper contemplates joining us as far as the Len Foote Hike Inn trail junction and then bid us good-bye.

2) Coach meanwhile will drive up later in the day and plans to overnight with us at Springer Mountain. Polka Dot & I plan to see him at about 16:00 - having begun our week with a very reasonable pace. Coach will carry our first resupply - thereby making sure our Day-1 packs are as light as practicable. He will link up with us again a few days later with our 2nd resupply.

Weather for the week has improved from the first couple of forecasts we read - we trust it will remain favorable, notwithstanding a few periods of rain showers.

Updates will continue on HikeWithJAXDAD.Wordpress.com...for the foreseeable future.

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