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Restart at the NOC

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After leaving Amicalola Falls on 04 February, I am restarting my AT thru at the NOC on 27 February. Why?

I managed to complete 137 miles (plus the dang 9-mile approach trail) in 10 days. I shared the first seven of those days with Polka Dot. The last three nights I shared shelters with Young Blood. Unfortunately on about day 4 I had a stone tread "kick" a shin that, while it did no visible damage, days later turned into a major pain - pun intended. The pain descending into NOC was unbearable. I left the trail on 14 Feb, saw a Doc who initially declared a tibia break, but when X-rays did not corroborate his assessment, he called it a significant bone bruise with symptoms akin to shin splints. Multiple weeks of RICE was recommended. I then took the opportunity to get the other knee examined; it suffered a second hypertension during the same descent. An arthropod cleared me by suggesting I had the knees of a 20-year old. Except they didn't feel that good! A corticosteroid injection has brightened my outlook significantly!

Now to get back in the queue for tent/shelter space on the AT before the bubble leaves Amicalola Falls and Springer on 3 March.

Scamper will drop me at the NOC tomorrow morning at about 09:30. I plan to pick up my resupply box at Fontana Dam, RON there, and head out for the Smoky Mountains on Wednesday morning in the foretasted rain. Weather for the following four days looks like it will be clear, but cold (mid-teens overnight).

Young Blood is nearly into Virginia now according to his http://trackleaders.com/at status board. He is moving faster than I have ever seen anyone move with a 40-pound pack! If you run into him, he is a numbers guy. No one will catch him. He may pass folks who left before 06 Feb from Springer - people like me!

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