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Duck Tape

Recovering from an accident and following your dreams.

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First of all let's get my trail name out of the way. I'm sure you've heard duct tape can truly fix everything. I have a roll of duct tape with me everywhere I go. When picking a trail name one of my friends said why don't you just call yourself duct tape. So when I found out that the name "Duct Tape" was already taken I settled with Duck Tape. Oh well...

Now that that's said I can return back to my original topic.

So there I was in North Carolina on a job interview. A job interview that would have been a dream Job. The job was working with kids as a wilderness instructor. The organization had a 3-day interview process which I had the opportunity to take part in a three-day camping and hiking trip.

On the last day of my trip I slipped and fell off a trail bridge breaking my tibia, fibula and shattering my ankle. After having full reconstructive surgery on my right leg and ankle, resulting in 3 titanium plates, 2 wire fasteners, 2 suture buttons, 13 surgical screws and 5 months of physical therapy.

I am happy to report that almost one year later I am 80% recovered and able to walk mostly without a limp. Unfortunately I have lost 15% of my dorsiflexion and I'm still dealing with swelling.

Now as you read this I can only imagine what you are thinking. You probably think that I have given up my dream to walk the AT. But on the contrary I have only postponed it. Just because I had a horrific accident doesn't mean that I've given up on my dream.

My goal is to through hike the Appalachian Trail but until then I will have to settle with Section hiking. For the last 2 months I have been working hard training and conditioning myself to start hiking again.

I am happy to report this summer I will be section hiking a few miles in the Smoky Mountains.

As I bring this to a close I only have a few more things to say!

Don't let your dreams die!
Never give up!
Believe in yourself!
Only you can make your dreams come true!!!

Enjoy life's moments and I'll See you out on the trail!

Duck Tape