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March 1, 2020 [3Jul17]

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,,, because I like to plan ahead ...

2020 metaphor for fore-sight [?]

I had the pleasure of reading Awol's, Grandma's, and Earl's hiking adventure in '16 (seems so long ago) and got the bug. Then LIFE struck. Now it's almost nine months later and a very good friend brought up the subject: my dream got reignited!

There is plenty of time for me to test some essential gear, learn a few things, start drawing social security, retire from work, then go for a walk. This journal will help me stay on course. My trail name is 'Click' as in the noise a shutter *used* to make on a camera - I miss that - I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the digital age.

3 Jul 17 Made a trip to REI in West DesMoines, IA to pick up some gear:
1. Salomon hiking boot [thin socks w/med. weight wool over them - feels good]
2. Hennesy Expedition Hammock
3. Osprey 70 liter backpack [ it has a attic]
4. Stove, kitchen ware, began getting some food to try out
5. Compass [found a good internet sight to learn to use it right]
6. and a few other things I wanted to try out

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