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SNP Ridge Runner Blissful's Unsolicited and Ill-Informed Opinion

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On 04 July, while descending from Mary’s Rock in the SNP, Jax Dad encountered ridge runner Ms. Bliss. Following mutual greetings of “Happy Fourth of July”, she commented on his red, white and blue equipment/garb and proceeded to examine his gear from a distance of several feet. A discussion then ensued about his trail experience to date. In that discussion Jax Dad remarked that he found the hike pure drudgery; it was one step after another with little opportunity to observe more than where the next foot was to be safely placed. Consequently, he added, he had missed seeing the largest oak tree on the Trail. Nevertheless, he acknowledged, he enjoyed the wildlife, occasional views, most of the people he met along the way and daily blogging. When asked by Ms. Bliss about his hike schedule, he enumerated the start date, off-trail time and the planned two-week vacation in early September. When asked about his planned completion date, he replied that it would be 03 October.

Ms. Bliss then opined that Jax Dad should leave the Trail, go home, rest and perhaps return to complete the hike in sections. She added that he could not finish the Trail by the time Katahdin closed for the season. Surprised, Jax Dad inquired about her rationale for such a statement adding that he had just completed a 24-mile day and was following the plan developed on WhiteBlaze.com. Seemingly unaware of the scheduling tool, she replied that the SNP was the easiest part of the Trail with the implication that his MHD was not relevant to finishing the Trail this year. Once again, she stated that he could not finish the Trail this year to which he replied, “Sure I can.” She remained unfazed by his assertion. Realizing that she could not (or would not) provide justification for her unsolicited opinion and recognizing that further conversation would be unproductive, he continued downhill.

Jax Dad encountered five additional ridge runners as he continued north from SNP; each of those encounters was a positive experience - unlike the one above. Jax Dad completed his thru-hike on 04 October - one day later than he had advised Ms. Bliss 90-days earlier.
OBTW -That one day delay at Millinocket was at his wife's request. Unbeknownst to Jax Dad, his son Jack was flying in to hike the final 5-miles to Baxter Peak with his dad. His daily blog while on the trail is at hikewithjaxdad.wordpress.com/

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