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Beagle Gap – Calf Mountain Hut and Spring – Shenandoah National Park

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The view at Little Calf Mountain is outstanding, as is the easy 1 mile hike to it from Beagle Gap. There is ample parking at the Beagle Gap parking area in-between mile posts 99 and 100 on Skyline Drive in SNP. There is no view at the Calf Mountain Summit but there is a disc inset marker just south of a large rock pile marking the summit. The distance from the parking to the rock pile is ~1.8 miles. I thought the shelter was a lot closer (it is, as the crow flies, and how my GPS indicated...) but the trail circles far North before the side trail cuts back to the shelter. It is a full 2.7 miles to the shelter from Beagle Gap. The spring appeared to be working well. The approach to the shelter and the trail North of the Calf Mountain Summit skirts private property and some interesting hunting dwellings / structures. There were cars present at some of them. At one point on the trail there was a large sign indicating the property was up for sale. The shelter was only a couple tenths of a mile from the park boundary and the shelter showed signs of poor maintenance and maybe homeless activity. Given it was the cold of winter and I was hiking alone, I chose to hike back to the parking and end day 2 of my hike.
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