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Third section (4/16/2017) - Finish GA , gets trail name, epic trail magic

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52.9 Unicoi Gap-85.4 Deep Gap- Kimsey Creek Trail

we, my gf Kelli and I, upgraded the gear closet for this one and finally grasped the concept of “every ounce counts”. This would be our first time using our new BA Fly creek ul2. Shaving some serious weight, considering our last 2 trips I carried a ~9-10lb 4p MARMOT Limelight tent. Kelli was hiking with the REI FLASH ul 2 for the first time as well. Which she was not a fan of because of the flimsy support and the way some rigid fabric rubbed her.
Before our departure I had read recent reports of break in’s in the immediate area. I decided it would be best if we left our car in the Unicoi SP as it required gated entry. So we made the late night drive up from Jacksonville FL to arrive at Unicoi SP late at night arriving sometime past midnight. We did our best to pull in to the quite popular campground and set up camp as quickly and quietly as possible. I don’t think I slept more than 15-30 minutes this night. I was busy managing my restless husky puppy and keeping her from clawing into our new tent. The next morning our hiking buddy Dave and his wife picked us up from Unicoi SP to drive us to the trail head where we would start the hike Thursday morning.

We had lunch at tray mountain shelter and chatted with some of the first thru hikers we had met thus far. They were 3 young guys from somewhere up north, very high spirits. I cannot re-call where we camped this night. It must have been Addis Gap.

New York (long haired guy), Lunch, bugs and stink at Plumorchard shelter
We met 2 gentleman who were attorneys in Tampa FL who were very entertaining to camp with as they shared stories of their past. This is actually the guy who gave me my trail name, “The Musher” due to me hiking with my husky Zoey and encouraging my gf Kelli along the way. We met a couple, the husband was an Ultra runner and the wife was a Nurse. He greatly inspired me to take on my first ultra-run which would be later that month. We hiked w one thru hiker who went on to finish the trail( Zorba).

Easter Sunday had trail magic at Deep GAP / Rock gap was hosted by Bigfoot and his wife. They mentioned the most spectacular hikes they had went on being the Annapurna circuit in Nepal and the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru. Hikers from Deep gap gathering – quiver, sox (wearing nero/zero sandals his whole hike), couple from Ireland. They had so much food they didn’t know what to do with it all. It was quite the treat but I was very careful to make sure the thru hikers came first, as I am in support of their greater mission.
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